I believe in the importance of play in the development of children.

I have been an early childhood education consultant, specializing in children's physical activity, since 1985.            

A former lecturer with the Macquarie University Institute of Early Childhood, I am founder of early play and EARLY PLAY AUSTRALIA  which are written for the parents of children from birth to age five. 

I have contributed to publications including Move and Learn,  the Gymbaroo Training Manual , Gymbaroo Newsletter, Move and Learn for children with special needs,  Physical Education Lesson Plan cards,  Early Years Newsletter.

I have collaborated with groups such as:

Department of Community Services

NSW Department of Education

Training and Further Education (TAFE) NSW

Baptist Teacher’s Federation


Playgroups NSW

Brisbane Community Art Centre

NSW State Health Department


Jack Capon - Perceptual Motor Teacher

Margaret Sasse - Founder of Gymbaroo

Getman - visual learning expert 



I love helping others:

  • educate the whole child
  • implement active learning
  • understand and promote the value of play
  • implement developmentally appropriate active play for young children
  • develop children’s creativity

Other things about me:

I love nature.

My favourite books are children's picture books

I learnt ballet from the age of 4 and did not stop until I became a ballet teacher

I am a kinesthetic and visual learner

I am a mother of 5 children and grandmother to 2

I live in Sydney, Australia